This blog and Hemingway’s are where I experiment as FireflyX, to distance my experimental self from my other online work.

FireflyX was the fictional author who drew on people I’ve known and loved who like me live in, love and walk around the small Oriental Bay/ Courtenay Place/Mount Victoria district in Wellington New Zealand, or used to. This is how Firefly described himself early on:

I love rugby, dislike WINZ, miss my kids. First I got a shock when someone called me an old man, months ago. And thought, oh, I should think about that. Write a blog. Wrote one entry and stopped. Then I read that John Key saw being a beneficiary as a lifestyle choice. And was filled with anger and bitterness. Which has something to do with moving out of my house, too.

He’s changed. I’ve changed. But I like having this site so I’ll keep using it for this & that.