AFP arrives, didn't see this. Photo: Scoop

I walked into Courtenay Place to buy my meds and thought, might as well go to the library (am reading a new discovery, Randall Peffer) and when I reached Civic Square I heard music. A busker playing an accordion, and not many people. A woman’s voice. I kept going.

Then the audience started to clap, in time. With enthusiasm. That doesn’t often happen. So I turned around, and lingered on the edge of the crowd. Had a wonderful time. Even clapped a little, during the second-to-last number. Something about angels, and waking up.

Not the best bit of this song but you get the idea Photo: Scoop

Had never heard of Amanda Fucking Palmer and Jason Webley. They were so whole-hearted. Wonderful. Looked them up on the net when I got home.

See what I mean about heart? Whole-heartedness? Photo: Scoop

AFP can be my p-d-i-l any old time.

And then I got to the bus stop and found I had only $1.80. So I walked home along the waterfront. And saw the wharewaka by night. Gorgeous, though it seems odd that there’s a restaurant right next to the space for the waka. Woke up this morning and heard that the waka space isn’t big enough to house the waka. Now there’s a song.